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Highest quality equipment for best possible vaping experience

Kanger Tech Protank 3, Protank 2 Mini, Aerotank and Unitank
Vision Spinner 1100mAh Rainbow & Black
Innokin Iclear 30S, Iclear 16

(The replacement heads will be added to the website at the weekend)

Welcome to Vape City E Liquid. UK made E liquid made from the highest quality ingredients available.

Now offering 3 Flavours of the week in 30ml bottles at the discounted price of £8.50 per bottle

This weeks flavours are
Cherry Cola
 French Vanilla Deluxe
RY4S  (new)
(prices have been amended in the shop)

New Multi-bottle offers now available
3 x 30ml bottles for only £27
4 x 30ml bottles for only £32
5 x 30ml bottles for only £37.50
Any flavour, any strength
with Free First class Delivery
(Must be ordered in the Special offer section)

Ego Innokin Iclear starter Kits £16 each.
(not to be confused with the ones selling in the shops for £10)


Pro tank 2 only £9.99 more flavour and easy change coils

Once you have tried my E juice you will be ordering again. My E juice is designed to vape  without getting sick of the flavour. Made from the highest quality ingredients available.

Electric cigarettes are sweeping the nation. I sell cheap e juice, that does not mean its made with cheap ingredients. The base I use is made in England, the PG and VG is made in England. My flavour concentrates are made in America.

My E juice has a clean, crisp taste and is made in England by me.  I make every bottle myself. I would never buy juice made in a factory with ingredients of unknown origin. Some companies simply sell e juice made in china with their label printed on the bottle. My aim to to provide a high quality product for an affordable price.

Vaping is a alternative to smoking and will not cure a nicotine addiction. It will simply reduce the cost. My products are designed for adults and cannot be ordered by people under the age of 18.

Vaping will help you slowly come off  cigarettes and save you money. One 30ml bottle should last a month for a average smoker smoking 20 a day and it costs £12 delivered FREE.

20 Lambert & Butler costs £7.19 and over a month will cost £208.51. Over a year £2502.12. What will you spend the money on once you have changed over to vaping?

My E juice is made to order and I can adjust the taste however you like. Just let me know what you are looking for and I'll do my best to make sure your bottle of e juice is perfect for you.

I have customers who have stopped smoking cigarettes all together and just vape. All the juice is available without nicotine if needed.

Please call or text 07527537642
or email stevehind@operamail.com

I deliver E juice all across Middlesbrough. Every bottle of E juice is tested for strength and taste. I have been producing my E juice for over 2 years and have handpicked the best suppliers and flavours from around the world. I truly believe my E juice is the best available at the best price.


E Liquid and Electric Cigarettes delivered free within the UK

What is E liquid or E juice?

Since the smoking ban on the 1st July 2007 people across the country have been looking for an alternative to smoking. A massive 400,000 people quit in the first year. People like myself and other have been looking for an alternative which can deliver the same experience. Our electric cigarettes deliver the same experience as smoking without all the harmful pollutants produced by cigarette smoke.


Not a lot of people know what e juice or also known as e liquid actually is. But is becoming more popular everyday. 

All e cigs need some form of e juice either inside a pre-loaded cartomiser which normally come with the cigarette or you can buy the liquid and top up the cartomisers or cartridges yourself with a few drops. The come in different strengths and flavours. My juice is good quality with free delivery. Its made to order and tested for strength and flavour.

Top up your electric cigarette cartridges with a wide range of flavours. E-cigs contain liquid nicotine used for vaping E juice or E Liquid. 

see the flavours click here

UK based E juice or E liquid available in various flavours. We send our      

e liquid out on the day we get the order, so you get it fast. No more waiting days till it arrives like some of the big companies. We offer a range of different flavours. Free first class UK delivery. Most orders are received next day. 

Vape anywhere and avoid the smoking ban

No tar, No tobacco, No smoke
No passive smoking
Harmless vapour
Different flavours and strengths
Stop buying cartridges and top up the ones you have. 


No PayPal account ?  No problem. You can still order and pay with a credit or debit card through PayPal.

Free delivery service available within 10 miles of TS8 Middlesbrough. Minimum order value of £20. Deliveries will be made after 6pm or collect your order from us after 6pm. 

Need your order quick?

Text us your order and we have it ready for you. 07527537642

Please contact us with any questions.

I also post order across the country to, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Norfolk, Kent, Essex, London, Newcastle, Bradford, Cheshire, Lancashire, Plymouth, Exeter, Cornwall, Brighton, Carlisle, Edinbrugh, Glasgow, Leicester, Milton Keynes and anywhere else in the UK.

ExactSeek: Relevant Web SearchDelivery available to Aklam, South bank, Thornaby, Middlesbrough e juice, Stockton on Tees, Billingham, Redcar, Stokesley, Nunthorpe, Wynyard, Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Guisborough, Great Ayton, Marton, Ingelby Barwick, Ormesby, Normanby, Coulby Newham and Norton.

If you live locally and would like to see or try my products please contact me for a no obligation demo. I also post my orders nationwide.